Donald Glover Wasn’t Playing In His Music Video ‘This Is America’


Donald Glover’s musical alter ego Childish Gambino found that the best way to get us to sit down and have a conversation about violence, racism, and ignorance was if he got up and danced his ass off as turmoil spread all around him in his video for his new song This Is America.

Glover is a powerhouse, and was even on Saturday Night Live when dropped the song and video simultaneously.

People have been keen on the references he used to illustrate varied points, and it is both tantalizing and horrifying in its casualness, because unaware to us, we’re bombarded with it everyday; he’s just making the fact known.

It’s so far amassed more than 18 million views as of Monday morning, and it’s only ever going to keep going up.

Fans have dutifully studied every move and imagery Glover utilized, and it’s heartbreaking:

You can watch the video here, and see for yourself why people are saying Glover has tons of lessons to impart:


Watch the full music video:


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