Do You Remember These 90’s Fashion Trends?


Are you ready for a walk down the 90’s fashion memory lane? The 90’s was the golden age (at least for us). It was the time when the radio blasted “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” and our ultimate dream was to meet our ultimate celebrity crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Fashion was also a lot different during the 90’s – it was a time when matchy-matchy outfits were considered vogue and shiny, bright fabrics were used in music videos as costumes. Whether or not you wanted to be Cher’s best friend in “Clueless” or simply wanted to sing-along Christina Aguilera’s teeny bopper hits, this list of 90’s fashion trends will definitely make you feel nostalgic.

  1. Plaid Everything!90s-fashion-trends-1

“As if!”

Rich, Beverly Hills girls, Cher and Dionne were the “it” girls of the 90’s who wore matchy-matchy outfits and most remarkably… plaid! A matching outfit of plaid everything was considered fashion-forward and would surely land you in the best-dressed list of Instagram bloggers. Only, Instagram did not exist yet during those years.

  1. Neon Colors90s-fashion-trends-2

One of the most memorable fashion moments in the 90’s was when R&B girl group TLC stepped out for an event wearing these neon colors and fishnet ensemble for all the world to see.

  1. Chokers90s-fashion-trends-3

If you’re quite familiar with the movie, “The Craft,” then you’re well-versed about chokers being a teenage fashion staple in the 90’s, especially those who preferred and edgier look. Pair it with black eyeline and dark, red lipstick and you’ll be chanting: “Light as a feather, thick as a board” in no time.

  1. Floppy Hats90s-fashion-trends-4

Floppy hats were a big thing in the 90’s, even the most fashion-forward stars like Sarah Jessica Parker sported them. Floppy hats were often big, bold and had some kind of floral design to emanate a playful look.

  1. Pullovers90s-fashion-trends-5

Pullovers were a big thing in the 90’s (and it’s coming back in 2016!) This farmer fashion look is one to watch out for and best worn if you’re as cute as Jennifer Aniston in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  1. Twisty Hairstyles90s-fashion-trends-6

We have no idea what this hairstyle is called but for old times’ sake, we’ll call it twisty hair! This look was worn on the red carpet by A-listers, often with some jewelry-like hair decors.

  1. Lip Liners90s-fashion-trends-7

Even before Kylie Jenner had the idea of putting a lip liner in “Lipkit by Kylie”, 90’s peeps have known (and used it). Although matte lipsticks weren’t that dominant in the beauty department those days, drawing a line around your lips and applying a glossy lipstick was the mark of sophistication and elegance.


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