I Decided To Become A Plant Kween And It’s The Best Thing


Make way for me, a Plant Kween.

Talk about gardening and plant raising, and it’s mostly delegated to the geriatric set, you know, with retirement comes more time to spruce around the garden I guess.

But after turning 26 years old a few months ago, I made the decision to go full on Plant Kween after receiving four aloe vera plants my friend gave me from her trimmings, and a sprouting tomato plant I cannot wait to see bloom fruit.

It seemed like I was gifted with children or pets, really; the look on my buddy’s face that I would commit to caring for non-talking, but hardly inanimate living things was enough to make me want to try.

Before this, my only experience with plants has always been from my grandmother who, bless her soul, tried to get me interested in the finer points of caring for a plant but being the hyper child and later, disinterested teen that I was, it was little to no avail.

In the months that I’ve digested to learning as much as I could about plants and doing more weeding, pruning, and changing soil than I’ve ever had to do in a year, I’ve found that  I am now better able to tolerate screaming children, slow walkers, and generally every irritating thing that would’ve set me on a course for a bad day before I started learning to take care of plants.

Could these green, oxygen-emitting stationary creatures have helped me become a better person?

Too soon to say if I am a better person for others, but for myself, I’ve come to notice the little changes I do that have stemmed (haha look a plant pun) from being a plant mom: first, I think twice now about the things I consume: Would I now willingly ingest things that will only poison me in the long run? It’s funny that I inadvertently treat myself like a plant too.

Second, in my attitude, I’ve adopted the saying “Bloom where you are planted.” I mean, can it get any more romantic than that? I try not to complain so much about whatever situation I’m in and instead try to make the best of it in the way that only I can; kind of like my aloe vera, which has weathered weird-ass climate in my city, an occasional drowned pot from when my niece watered her (yes, my aloe vera is a girl named Magda), and too- hot sun time.

Lastly, and probably the first thing that I noticed, I’m now more capable of taking a deep breath rather than blowing my top off at situations that are only temporary, all because of trying to be a good plant mom.

Oh and the plants?  My aloe vera is nearly ready for me to start snipping some pieces off for Youtube- style DIY beauty and life hack videos, and I’m seeing these adorable little green globs growing happily on the tomato vine. Plant mom for life!


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