9 Cute Christmas Nail Art Designs Straight Out Of Your Pinterest Dreams


Ahhh, Christmas – the season to be jolly, whether in spirit or in your nail art designs!

It’s the perfect time to go cray-cray and sparkly when it comes to just about anything –blinding, sequined dress? Why not? A crazy gold and red combination for your hair? Sure! Santa Claus and his reindeer on your nails? Check.

Of course, where better to find nail art designs than the nail art haven of the internet – Pinterest. Here are some of the cutest, most adorable Christmas nail designs we could find that are perfect for this holiday season.

1. Sleigh Ride

nail art designs - Christmas

If only Santa Claus gave us a lift on his sleigh when we were young, amirite? Instead, we got to ride in the back seat of dad’s car (although IRL he’s the family’s Santa Claus). This nail art design will make you nostalgic about the time you caught “Santa” kissing your mom.

2. Poinsettia

nail art designs for Christmas

Paint your nails black and red and add in Poinsettia — the official Christmas flower. This nail art if perfect if you also love aztec-ish lines and patterns.

3. Christmas Sweater

nail art designs Christmas sweater

You’ll probably get a sweater as a Christmas gift anyway, why not pair it with a Christmas sweater-inspired nail art design? This brown, grey and white design is a great example.

4. Red Snowflakes

Christmas nail art designs

A twist into the old snowflakes design — add some red glittery polish to make it pop!

5. White Reindeer

Christmas nail art designs - reindeer

Christmas doesn’t always have to be red, gold, green and silver! You can paint your  nails whatever color you want and just add Christmas symbols and patterns such as this.

6. Subtle Red & Gold Christmas Tree

christmas nail art red

This subtle red and gold Christmas tree design is perfect if you don’t wanna go too all-out with your nails. Use a light, nail art pen to achieve this look.

7. Ginger Bread

red and green nail art designs

Still not in the mood to party? This cute, ginger bread design will warm the depths of your un-Christmasy heart.

8. Santa & His Reindeer

cute nail art designs for Christmas

And if ginger bread designs don’t do the trick, maybe this Santa and his reindeer design will help you get into the holiday spirit.

9. Rhinestone Rudolph

nail art designs

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer gets an extra glam finish with this rhinestone-popping nail art design.

Don’t be afraid to explore other Christmas nail art designs this season!


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