From Courtroom To Bedroom: A Woman’s Unlikely Career Turn


An unlikely career turn: When 22- year old law student Ella Hughes from Southampton started modeling, the jump to doing pornography was about finding a sense of fulfillment in a career.

After porn companies took notice of the porcelain-skinned British beauty, Hughes decided to jump ship on her law studies to focus on her blossoming career as an adult film actress.

“I did it [porn]for a year alongside my degree, but I was really struggling to balance it all,” she wrote in a confessional piece for BBC. Hughes is also working with BBC via her participation in BBC Three’s series of documentaries called Sex Map of Britain.

But what made her drop law altogether was when her law professors found out about her other career.

“They told me law and porn don’t mix — that law is a degree for respectable people and I might not be seen that way with my profile online as a porn star,” Hughes added.

Of course, the numbers mattered in her decision too, because we’re all just trying to make our living.

In her BBC confessional, she revealed that one can earn “between £500 to £1,000 for a shoot – and up to £2,000 in America” in porn.

She figured it would be quicker to earn a lot from porn compared with practicing law, which would require her to pass the bar in the first place. She noted that with law, there really are not much guarantees. Meanwhile, income from porn can be more immediate.

Who can blame her for being realistic, really?

In her three-year career, she witnessed the ups and downs of fame, from garnering up to 90,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram, to receiving death threats, like being sent photos of knives and garbage bags by a group of boys when she was still starting out.

“It’s tough when people stare at you in the street. I never know if it’s because they recognize me or because I have something on my face. But you’re always going to get haters, and the community I’ve become part of is priceless to me,” she wrote.

Hughes said she had no delusions of grandeur about doing porn, because she was already exposed to some of the communities engaging in the more adventurous types of sexual activity.

“I’ve always been quite sexually open,” she said, admitting “used to go to S&M parties.”

“It didn’t bother me that so many people had seen me having sex, because I’m used to that from the sex parties I’ve been to,” she wrote. “I love sex, so in the end, I decided to just try it.”

And thankfull for Hughes, it turns out her family is nothing but supportive too, and she said her biggest support came from the most important woman in her life: her mom.

“My mum, who has a beauty business, said ‘I wish you’d told us instead, but we won’t disown you. So long as you’re safe and happy, that’s all that matters.’”


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