Could You Be Moisturizing Wrong?


Could you be moisturizing wrong? Here’s what you need to know.

As we grasp our special lotions and potions at night, hoping that by some miracle it’ll transport our skin back to infancy, most of us just want it to do what we need it to do: absorb into the skin, and not give us zits or rashes in the process.

But Into The Gloss writer Alex Beggs ponders: are the many ways to lock in moisture all necessary?

“Define necessary! Immediately, overwhelmed,” she writes.

So what’s a gal who wants the best bang for her buck got to do to get some solid skin care advice around here? But of course! Let them do the talking to the industry bigwigs, who make skincare literally their business, and that’s where Sunday Riley comes in.

Yes, the night oil maven herself, tells Beggs that you might be sabotaging your skin’s moisture levels if you:

Overthink the routine

“Strangers I meet on the street will say, how do I use these products together? They want a blueprint,” said Sunday. Chill out! We’re not here to solve the nuclear codes. Riley says to keep it simple, focus on what you want to accomplish and find a product that aims to do that ( could it be anti-aging, brightening, extreme mega moisture, oil/acne control? We don’t know, that’s on you.)

While you might be tempted to add a little more here and there, because hey, who said skincare wasn’t a fun game of will-this-give-me-a-rosy-glow-or-burn-my-epidermis-off? Pay attention to which products are serving you best, and you might just want to stick to that.

Underthink your cleanser

Beggs tells the story of how Sunday found out her teenage cleanser was her skin’s dryness culprit. “Sunday has a cousin. And the cousin noticed her skin was dry in spots and wanted to fix that with an intense moisturizer. But you know what was causing the dry spots? Super harsh cleanser she’d been using since she was a teenager. If dryness is a concern, assess your cleanser situation and maybe try something gentler,” she said.

Are being stingy

Load up on that good stuff, else why would you make the purchase anyway? Don’t neglect to moisturize your neck, décolletage (fancy word for your chest area), your neck, and heck, even smear some on your bosom-est buddies (we mean your boobs, guys).

Mess with the chemistry

If you’re gonna put anything on top of your moisturizer, wait a moment for it to fully set in.

“I put my moisturizer on, and then I go about doing other things, and then I put my makeup on so that my skincare has had a chance to sink in and it’s not so wet and dewy that it affects my foundation application and prevents it from setting properly,” says Sunday.

Read up more on their healthy tips to keep your skin dewy, glowy, and however else you want your moisturizer to work.



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