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Cool And Hip Seoul Fashion Week 2016 Street Style Caught On Cam

seoul fashion week 2016 street style

These Seoul Fashion Week 2016 street style are all parts stunning, quirky and sophisticated. Want a piece of Koreans’ impeccable fashion sense? Take inspiration from these trend-setters.

Seoul, South Korea — a city where young, vibrant and unconventional fashion trends thrive and throb in its streets. It’s no wonder why the world is setting its eyes on this city – just the amount of fashion inspiration you can see walking the streets is stunning.

And the fashionable people appeared to have tripled in number during Seoul Fashion Week. Here are some of the best street styles during the said week, as captured by Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and other fashion websites. From wacky to sophisticated, it’s no wonder Korea is one of the fastest-growing fashion markets in the world.


Red Prints On White

Seoul Fashion Week 2016 street styles

This red prints and plain whites ensemble is a stunning and clean combination. Geometry prints are great if you want to give off that city vibe in your fashion. Plus, look at those cute bags!

Stripes For Height

Seoul Fashion Week 2016 street style

These strategically-distributed stripes gives the illusion of height to the wearer. Don a choker to match the stripes and you’re runway-ready.

Plaid And A Statement

Seoul Fashion Week 2016 street style

Leather skirts and leather pants are making a come-back in trendsville. This couple has succeeded in coordinating their outfits without being cheesy. Grab a plaid shirt for your beau and a statement shirt for yourself. Don’t forget the leather and some chain belts and studs!

Denim And Platform Boots

Seoul Fashion Week 2016 street style

Denim on denim? Why not? Mix it up with colorful socks, a bandana and platform boots to make an OOTD-worthy combination.

Beret and A Turtleneck

Seoul Fashion Week 2016 street style

This beret and turtleneck ensemble makes you think of Paris, to be honest. But you can’t deny it’s a cute combination.

Fashion Squad Goals

Street Style at Seoul Fashion Week 2016

Talk about hipster fashion squad goals. Each individual shows off their own fashion sense, complete with big glasses, socks and colored hair.

Maroon Two

Seoul Fashion Week 2016 street styleMaroon is a big color this season. Don an oversized maroon cardigan or incorporate just a touch of the said color with your regular black suit. This will give you an edgy look without being overwhelming.

Pink Chuck Taylors And A Beanie

best street style at Seoul Fashion Week 2016

Black combined with pink? You can never go wrong. Add a white beanie to neutralize the two colors for a chill vibe.

Red And Black Sunglasses

Street Styles to try at Seoul Fashion Week 2016

This striking red color is best paired with black accessories such as a handbag and sunglasses. A stark contrast of sportswear to give off a laid-back vibe and a little uptight, blazer toned down with knee-high socks is one crazy combination only for the fashion bravehearts.

Skirts And Hoodies

Skirts and hoodies - Seoul Fashion Week 2016 street style

A perfect display of contradicting styles – a skirt communicates youth, flirtiness and sweetness while a hoodie gives you an edgier, more laid-back vibe.

Indeed, Seoul Fashion Week never fails to satisfy our fashion-hungry souls!


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