Confirmed: She Is The Lorde Of The Onion Rings!


She is the Lorde of the Onion Rings! For days, fans have been speculating on whether or not 20-year-old singer and Grammy winner, Lorde (real name, Ella Yelich-O’Connor) has been running a secret Instagram account called @onionringsworldwide.

The Instagram account, true to its name, existed for the sole purpose of reviewing onion rings from different restaurants.

The speculation began when Newshub noted that @onionringsworldwide was followed by Lorde. Not to mention, most of its followers consisted of people in Lorde’s team and others whom she had previously worked with on tour.

But as soon as the internet has caught on Lorde’s secret Instagram, the onion rings review account was deleted and was to remain, forever, a mystery.

That’s up until Lorde sat down for an interview with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show and she was confronted with the issue.

“Okay, I have to explain first. Here’s the thing, I sort of naively didnt realized that it was gonna be a thing,” she explained. “That I was gonna go into different places and try the onion ring of those places.”

Just to confirm, Jimmy Fallon asked her again, “So, It is you?”

“Ahhh, god it’s me, it’s me!” Lorde confessed with the audience whooping and cheering.

The “Green Light” singer also explained why she decided to take down the Instagram account.

“I feel like it reads like something a pop star would do to be relatable,” she said. “It was just a joke with my friends on the tour and I thought, like, it would be a good past time.”

She added, “It’s just, now everyone knows about it. People are gonna be throwing onion rings at me on tour.”

And speaking like a true onion ring expert, the queen of buzzcut seasons and dancing alone offered her opinion on the best way to make onion rings.

“From my semi-professional adventures, I think a batter works better than a crumb,” she said. “The other thing you can do to really make an onion ring magical is lightly pickle the onion before you batter it up. It’s incredible.”

All hail, the Lorde of the Onion Rings.


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