4 Common Bedroom Habits That Zap Out Intimacy


Are your bedroom habits ruining your relationship?

Among the many beautiful moments in being one-half of a couple, is sharing the bedroom with someone you love and waking up to them in the morning.

However, as time goes by, there are instances when the magical feeling fades, especially in the bedroom. It could be anything – from the noise of kids barging into your zen zone or an iPhone ringtone wailing loudly in the middle of the night when you’re supposed to be re-connecting with your partner.

Here are just some of the common bedroom habits that couples have that zap out the magic in the bedroom.

1.Allowing Kids Or Pets In Your Bed


We’re not saying you should completely ban your children or pets because what would life be without being cuddly with them, right? But when allowing your kids or pets to crawl into your bed becomes a habit, it will likely result into a little resentment and discomfort.

“Most couples who share their beds with a pet or a child feel a little disconnected with their partners in the long run,” said Dr. Khariz Dela Torre of the St. Lucilla Medical Research And Counseling Center. “Some feel a little left out or isolated when they find their partner already asleep, cuddling with their toddlers or furry animals.”


2. Using Your Phone In Bed

Nothing like technology to kill your buzz. The sound of phones ringing and the sight of the LED screen glowing up your partner’s face sends a strong message of “I don’t wanna talk about your day, because my SIMS are dying.”

Research show that couples who take their phones to bed, or use it for a long time have less meaningful conversations and decreased feelings of intimacy.

“That’s because smartphones take your attention away from the person beside you and immerses you into a world that’s completely different and unreal,” Dr. Dela Torre said. “It discourages intimacy.”


3.Watching Television

Another reason not to incorporate technology and the bedroom. Watching television is the same as using your smartphone in bed – it takes the connection and attention away from your partner. Not to mention, having a television in the bedroom overstimulates your senses and could disturb sleeping patterns.


4.Working In Bed

Working in bed is a bad idea because it taints your supposedly-calming and peaceful zone into one that could be stressful.

“You don’t want to mix work and home life, especially in the bedroom,” said Dr. Dela Torre. “The bedroom is supposed to be place for recovery and healing and a safe space for you and your partner. If you bring all the baggage of work life into it, that just ruins the whole point of having a place of zen in the home.”

So the next time you complain about not having enough intimacy with your partner, think about your bedroom habits.


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