Public Commute? Copy These Comfy-Cool Outfit Ideas From Lookbook


Living in a big city, public commute is literally hell and sometimes wearing cute little outfits just doesn’t seem so ideal when you’re cramped up in a tiny subway car with dozens of other people. Worst of it all is that you might encounter perverts who might feel you up.

On the other hand, there are also days when you just want to dress down for the office (if your boss is cool with that sort of thing) and just wear comfy clothes. But that doesn’t mean you abandon your fashion sense and style for a pair of Crocs and sweat pants!

Of course, you’d have to maintain looking like a professional at work, keeping in mind some people perceive you by the way you dress. We’re not saying you should forgo your own happiness for the sake of fashion (although sometimes we do that, too! Have you tried 6-inch heels?!) but to help you keep up a clean, polished and interesting look. It helps if you choose your outfits by expressing your personality through them.

Whether you’re the rocker chic, the classy/sophisticated one, the laid-back girl or the girly-girl, you can find the best comfy-cool outfit if you’re willing to explore the possibilities. After all, fashion is all about risk-taking and learning to play with colors, patterns and cuts.

Here are some examples of comfy-cool outfits from that will still make you look like a fashion vixen that you are:

Khaki Addict

With/Out Camel Coat


Lace Trench Coat

Ring Blouse, Flared Pants

Striped Cold Shoulder Coat

Khaki And Beige

Silver Accents

You’ll Never Find A Rainbow If You’re Looking Down

Velvet Hoodie

Le Weekend

Fenty x Puma

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