Coffee Lover? You Gotta Love This Cold Brew Hair Trend


Cold brew hair? Sis we just might!

Fashion is undeniably art, and art extends to all of our parts, from the tips of our toes to our crowning glories, and this time, the Internet seems to want us to seek inspiration for our hair color in our coffee.

Not just any coffee: frappes are messy, and the regular Americano is a bore; so of course, it turns to one of the most ‘artisanal’ of it all, the cold brew.

Cold brew coffee is almost always a hit-or-miss situation, or a what-works-for-you-might-not-for-me concoction. But turns out, when translated on our tresses, it actually looks pretty good.


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See? Whether with cream or taken plain, a great colorist can translate the various tones and highlights we didn’t think a mason jar of cold brew might contain.

Cosmopolitan also revealed that NYC based Kimberly Bonondona’s interpretation of the look falls more in line with the non lait, so she used “chili pepper chocolate” highlights applied with a balayage technique to create the look.

It’s the possibility of endless customization that makes the trend so great, really. Kind of like how 10 people won’t always have the same preferences for their iced caffeine, so your cold brew hair won’t end up the same as the next person.

Go ahead and give it a go, and maybe next time you’ll be showing your colorist your cold brew concoction instead of a pic of your favorite celeb’s hairstyle and color.


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