Coachella Music Festival: Killer Shoes You Can Pull Off With Any Outfit


Going to Indio, California this weekend for Coachella? Consider us jealous! Every year, there’s tons of new music and art to be celebrated and of course, what better way to celebrate them than get drunk on a desert singing along to some indie rock band, right?

Except that there is one thing better than being drunk during Coachella and it’s seeing everyone’s awesome outfits. Even big lifestyle TV shows will be eyeing the fearless fashion pieces people will be wearing to the music fest.

One essential thing that could make or break your entire Coachella fashion train is your shoes. But sometimes you just can’t pack too many, right? Especially if you don’t have any baggage allowance included in your super economy plane ticket.

No worries! Here are some killer Coachella-worthy shoes you can pull off with just about any outfit:

Faux Suede Embellished Boots, Forever 21

coachella shoes

Nothing says “Coachella fashion” better than boots. This embellished pair is perfect if you’re thinking of wearing crystals on your forehead like some Arabian dessert princess.

Darah Sandal, Nordstrom

 coachella shoes

Feeling like going on a time machine by wearing something retro? This pompom embellished sandal with a wrap-around strap can be the cherry on top of your vintage dress.

Madness Studded Boots, Topshop

 coachella shoes

Bold and brave, this pair of studded boots is perfect for any outfit, you can either wear light fabrics or heavy leathers and it still works.

Embroidered Ankle-Wrap Heels, Forever 21

coachella shoes

Tassels, ankle wrap strands and mirrored prints and accents. This pair of heels is music fest ready.

American Rag Lorrah Lace-Up Boots, Macy’s

coachella shoes

Wearing a maxi dress? A short skirt? Jeans? Cut-out shots? It doesn’t matter. This pair of boots can make any outfit work.

Kinza Embroidered Sneakers, Aldo

coachella shoes

What we love about this pair aside from the embroidered florals is that the color itself is a universally flexible one. White can go with any color of your outfit. Plus, when Coachella’s over, you can still totally wear this.


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