Chrissy Teigen Had A Hell Of A Weekend On Twitter


Chrissy Teigen: model, businesswoman, author, momma to the adorable Luna and wife to singer John Legend; and also over the holidays, a woman who had to go head to head with some questionable claims over Twitter.

Teigen is no stranger to going back and forth with randos on Twitter, but usually it’s over her political stand or people attempting to bully. But she had one of the most worrying and strange year-enders ever when apparently, someone had been collecting photos of Luna dressed in her Halloween costumes and implying John and Chrissy were involved in a child trafficking network.

The account, @LizCrokin, claims to be uncovering child trafficking rings and apparently, pedophiles in these disgusting rings use code words like ‘pizza’ and ‘hotdog’ to refer to some of the horrendous acts they do to trafficked children.

Crokin’s account, which has since been unverified, has over 50, 000 followers and apart from the accusation that Chrissy and John were child sex trafficking pedophiles, they also posted photos of Luna (an infant!) without the permission of the Legends.

Chrissie understandably chose to not ignore such serious accusations, albeit far-fetched and very strange.

Teigen’s followers were quick to report the account, and gave a quick thank you for  getting the account unverified.

Having an verified just essentially makes it easier to look up or search, and when it comes to the safety of her family, understandably Teigen would have wanted the accuser harder to look up, especially when it has half a hundred thousand followers.

However, the celebrity couple might not let Crokin go that easily, and might be looking to sue.

It had indeed been a strange day for Chrissie and John.

Hoping that the exchange didn’t dampen their New Year celebrations! Personally, we look forward to more goofy and adorable Halloween costumes for Luna and her incoming sibling.


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