Cardi B And Offset Got ‘His And Hers’ Lamborghini Cause Money Is Just A Social Construct


Stunner of a couple buy stunner of a car! Cardi B and Offset present their Lambos.

Count on the lady who sang ‘I like stuntin’, I like shinin’ to really deliver!

Cardi B. and Offset took to their Instagram accounts over the weekend to flex their ‘his and hers’ Lamborghini 2018 Roadster Aventadors, green for hubby, and an electric light blue for her and you know immediately it was made to deliver eye candy factor.

L A M B T A L K 🗣 H I S & H E R S

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But flexing the fruits of hard work always invites haters, with some saying the Bodak Yellow rapper probably had the cars leased.

“Why y’all be tryin’ to play me like a b***h is broke? Like, why?” she fired back in a now-deleted video showing the actual receipts to her purchases.

“Why y’all be sayin’ that my cars are leased? Me and my husband, we don’t lease s**t around here. And I had to cash out, completely, ’cause I don’t have a f***in’ license,” she continued. “But I don’t give a f**k. If I’m gonna rap about having a Lambo, I’m gonna own a motherf***in’ Lambo, you know what I’m saying?”

Take that, non-Lambo having ass haters!

Cardi has an awful lot to celebrate: her songs going number one on just about every platform, her marriage to her husband, and of course, the birth of their little girl Kulture Kiari; so she can purchase whatever car she pleases, she deserves it.


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