To The Boys: It’s Not An Insult To Be Called A ‘Girl’


If you’re still one of those pundits living in a worryingly warped world, you probably believe boys who cry or show emotion are inferior, calling them ‘girls’.

Well here’s some news for you: why would you stifle completely normal human responses to disappointment, sadness, or frustration? Why would you only associate these to women and imply that belonging to the female gender means you’re inferior? If anything, women are more emotionally evolved than men.

You might have also never considered that raising boys who do not know how to express themselves in a healthy manner, because all their lives they were taught it is unsightly; breeds a generation of abusive men stuck in a cycle with their own future children?

Vogue India recently came out with a powerful call to action to change the way society is raising boys; urging them to think twice about telling young boys that their healthy ways of expressing themselves liken them to girls. In the first place, what is so wrong with that?

Allowing young boys to be able to feel their emotions, and helping guide them through why they are feeling disappointed, frustrated, or angry; instead of shushing them outright when they cry, helps them navigate their responses to major life events where they don’t always turn out to be the victor.

It also helps young boys to be more empathic not just with members of their own sex, but with women as well, helping to build healthy views about women at a young age.

The short film, directed by Vinil Mathew and produced by Alex Kuruvilla, managing director of Conde Nast India, aims to teach our boys to not make the women in their lives cry.

“It makes a powerful point about domestic violence,” especially in a notoriously patriarchal country like India, which has also long been plagued by violent cases of rape in its cities.


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