How To Bounce Back From Break-ups Faster


Let’s  face it, break-ups suck, but better you’re both realizing it now and acting on it than about a decade down the line when you’re sharing custody of a house, a pet, and maybe even *gasp* a kid.

We all have our little coping mechanisms with each failed relationship, but Into The Gloss’s Og Gotham has some tips for us (that doesn’t involve frequent drinking!) to get back to our best selves, faster.


The Prerequisites

“Are you taking care of yourself? Are you being patient with yourself?” This part includes not deviating from your workouts (if any), eating regularly and healthily, and getting in some quality sleep.

“If the answer to both questions is yes, proceed,” writes Gotham.


Put down the clippers

You don’t always have to have a drastic new look to announce to the world you’re going through a breakup!

“Do not, I repeat, do not get revenge bangs. Lastly, mute any thoughts resembling “If I don’t deserve them, I don’t deserve eyebrows,”” Gotham says. But really! Fleeky eyebrows > a relationship.


Rewrite your scent narrative

“Scent is the strongest sense linked to memory. Great when you catch a whiff of something that takes you back to your first-grade classroom. Not so great when soul harvesting nostalgia is something you’re trying to avoid. Use this as an opportunity to overhaul every scented item in your routine. An olfactory reset, if you will,” says Gotham.

In fact, go ahead and indulge on that pricey bottle of perfume you’ve always wanted, but the sucky S.O. said was too strong for them when you were at Sephora that one time.

Plus!! If you’ve always wanted to try out home diffusers or soy candles, now is probably a good time.


Lean into the solitude

Loving your own company is going to be a process if you’ve become accustomed to being around someone all the time, but don’t let people insist it’s a lonely time!

“There’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. Set aside some time to distill seclusion into its very best parts,” Gotham said.


Thank your friends

Especially if you’re that type of person who disappears from the friend group every time you get into a relationship! *eyeroll emoji* (You’re going to deny it now, but if three out of five friends beg to differ, they’re the ones who are right.) Or if you’re the type who just haaaaates asking for help, then now’s the time to indulge in all the love and concern for you.

“So, when your closest friends clear their schedules to take you out to dinner, drop everything to Uber over, or check in on you daily, stop apologizing! Instead, swap out remorse for gratitude.”


Find the right soundtrack

“Say what you will about her, but there’s a Taylor Swift song for every stage of grief.” Pretty much!


Look forward to mornings

An overhauled mindset does wonders for your outlook everyday, heartbreak or no.

Call it an early night after getting home from work! Get a decadent cleanse in after dinner, in fact; throw in a face or lip mask in there , and don’t forget to moisturize with the THICCEST lotion or cream you have, and take time to rub it in all over.

Take time to brush your teeth! You probably don’t think about it all that much because it’s just one more thing to get over with before you end the day, but like, really get into it. Floss before brushing, then floss afterward too, but do it all gently.

Get into your comfiest pajamas (or get in bed naked if that’s more your jam!) and if you have to set up some mood lighting, maybe a peppermint oil diffuser too, do so! Getting the body ready for a deep sleep is an enjoyable process, and it makes you feel decadent AF when you roll out of bed in the morning.


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