How My Body Changed When I Stopped Eating Carbs


After college, I decided to stop eating carbs and start eating healthier food. All those years sitting in my dorm room trying to study for an exam while munching down pizza, burgers or cup noodles was regular eating for me. It was a lifestyle. A lifestyle that’s so hard to break because carbs are life.

I admit I love food and no matter how full I am from eating a meal, there’s always room for pastries and cakes for me. So naturally, going cold turkey on carbs was sooo difficult. Here’s how my body changed when I stopped eating carbs.

I Felt Lighter

It’s true. Carbs can sometimes drag you down and make you feel bloated. When I stopped eating white bread with my lunch or dinner and replaced all my carbs with veggies, my stomach felt better. Full but lighter. My stomach got more flat, too!

I Had More Energy

Carbs equals to sugar. And when we consume excessive amounts of sugar (or three pieces of red velvet cake), our pancreas goes into overdrive and sparks up tons of insulin into our bloodstream. This could cause us to have a carb crash.

When I quit carbs, I noticed that I had a lot more energy to do work and even (gasp!) to exercise.

I Burned  More Fat

When I was a carb worshipper, I barely sweat it out. These days, however, I noticed that I burn more when moving. I go to the gym and I just sweat like a pig after a few minutes in the treadmill using the lowest settings.

According to Time, reducing calorie-dense food like pastas, bread, cakes, etc. creates a caloric deficit in your body. This forces your body to burn stored fat.

I Crave It Less

When I started getting used to it, I noticed that my cravings for carbs started to fade. This was strange to me – shouldn’t I be begging for a bag of potato chips right now?

When I looked it up, studies sau that simple carbohydrates an actually stimulate certain parts of the brain linked to addiction in cravings. So, the more you eat carbs, the more you’re going to be begging for it.

I’m not saying you should completely quit carbs, instead, go for complex carbs  (the good kind of carbs) which can be found in oatmeal, brown rice, multi-grain bread and cereal, wheat bread, sweet potatoes and more.


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