‘Blue Balls’ For Women? Why Your Vagina Hurts Sometimes


Ever heard of “blue balls” for women? LOL. We just made that up.

Arousal is a fun thing, especially when you have the opportunity to act on it and have release soon after.

But if you’ve ever observed some discomfort or pain even hours after feeling horny, no need to worry too much, because apparently, it’s pretty common among women.

Comparable to when guys get ‘blue balls’ (epididymal hypertension if you want to get scientific), essentially what happens to them when they’re horny and can’t ejaculate to relieve the pressure on the penis and scrotum; women get the feeling as well, when blood flows to the vagina and can result in pelvic congestion. This engorges the vagina if you don’t get to orgasm, where all the blood that rushed there stretches the walls of your lady bits.

The pain is essentially just you feeling your vagina expand, says Dr. Nicole Prause, a sex researcher, who added that it would “make sense” for the vagina to provide feedback to the brain that is engorged and stretching, which to women can translate as feelings of discomfort or even a stabbing pain.

Sexual health experts also note some women have reported that they experience pain even after an orgasm, which can sometimes be traced to normal vaginal contractions.

“Vaginal contractions are generally an involuntary muscular response to sexual stimulation, including arousal, and are commonly most intense during sexual intercourse and culminating in an orgasm,” said Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, a fertility expert based in California.

However, it always helps to check with your doctor if your levels of pain during arousal, intercourse and even orgasming can be considered normal.

Because let’s face it, writhing around in agony is not fun for anybody, and talk with your doctor especially if you are already diagnosed with endometriosis, vaginismus, or have risks with your sexual activity.


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