What Do Bloggers Do With Free Stuff They Get From Brands?


If you’re like any other avid social media user, no doubt you probably have one or two favorite bloggers; whether it’s for food, makeup, fashion, design, or travel, there’s bound to be a blogger for it.

But what exactly are bloggers? Not exactly celebrities, not exactly experts; but most of the time, they’re just regular people who picked up a camera and started showing what they love to do until it turned into a full-time thing for them, and for sure, big manufacturing companies and brands have taken notice.

In a video or two, most bloggers will feature samples and freebies sent to them A.K.A. Press Release (PR) packages. How awesome is that? Free stuff! 

Sometimes, bloggers speak positively about it if they’re paid to, or if they just really believe in the product. But most PR packages are sent to them absolutely obligation-free, in the hopes it can be promoted to the bloggers’ thousand-count following in a relatable way; something that even big companies can’t always do.

Youtuber Stephanie Villa (also known as @soothingsista on her Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and @sistasoothing on Twitter) loves to create videos on beauty and skincare products, travels with her family and friends, and her activities around Los Angeles and share them with her more than 300,000 subscribers. In a video, she opened up about receiving PR packages from big beauty brands and up-and-coming indie companies.

“As a Youtube person, alot of companies will send over new collections, new products my way so I can try ‘em out and potentially share them with you,” she said.

“I’m very grateful for this because of course I want to come out with new content all the time, and share new products with you, and it would be quite expensive if I had to do that all on my own.”

But with the sheer number of products sent to them on a regular basis, one blogger can’t always use it all up, or certain shades of makeup aren’t really suited to them. What’s a blogger to do?

Stephanie says that when she really loves a product, she will usually feature it prominently in a makeup tutorial video, or give it a shout out on her social media accounts, but for products that aren’t in her shade, or if they don’t particularly work well for her, of if she already has multiples of them, then that’s when she likes to hold giveaways and contests for her subscribers.

These are also moves for the products to get noticed by consumers, because who doesn’t like taking  a chance to score new products just by liking and sharing a picture? (Which is how online giveaways usually go.) She will even send some to her family and friends for them to try. Wow!

Despite crazy schedules they probably have to keep and the constant brain wrack to come up with new interesting videos for their followers, the life of a blogger still sounds pretty awesome.


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