‘Black Panther’ Star Michael B. Jordan Offers To Pay For Teen’s Retainer


Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan offers to fix teen’s retainer after she broke it biting down too hard— after seeing him shirtless.

You’d think it would be farfetched to have a Hollywood star contact you about your retainers, but thanks to the Internet, Michael B. Jordan did just that and offered to replace the retainers of one teen who broke hers when she bit down too hard after seeing the Black Panther star take off his shirt onscreen.

I mean, the admiration was that real, or in today’s teen-speak, the thirst was evident that it warranted a trip to the orthodontist.

The 18-year old named Sophia (who goes by @pixyrue on Twitter), first found out she was the Internet’s new meme when a Tumblr post about her retainers incident was doing the rounds, all thanks to her orthodontist.

But threats aside, she had the shock of her young life when the post made the rounds and found its way to Jordan, who plays Erik Killmonger in the historic Marvel blockbuster.

Sophia told Buzzfeed that the metal-breaking moment came in one of the pivotal parts of the movie.
“So it was the scene where Killmonger took his shirt off for the battle to become king of Wakanda. I pressed my tongue against my permanent retainer and clenched my jaw so hard that the wire disconnected from my teeth,” she said. Lol!


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