Former Beyoncé Drummer Accuses Her Of Witchcraft And Sexual Molestation


Spooky season is upon us, and Beyoncé’s former drummer thinks Queen B is a witch.

A former drummer of Beyoncé is attempting to get a restraining order against the Ape Shit singer on grounds of “extreme witchcraft.”

Kimberly Thompson, who said she had been a drummer for Beyoncé for seven years said Mrs. Carter has been harassing her by using “dark magic” and casting “magic spells of sexual molestation.”


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Thompson also alleges  Beyoncé of tapping her phones, controlling her finances, and killing her kitten, according to a report on Nylon.

The report added that unfortunately, her request for a restraining order was denied on September 19, but another hearing is scheduled on October 11.

We always knew that Beyonce was capable of magic, but like, not magic magic, you know? What do you guys think?


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