Beware, The Raccoon Eyes: It’s More Than Just From A Lack Of Sleep


Let’s take a minute to talk about a beauty impediment — raccoon eyes.

Have a look at any student or working parent and dark circles around the eyes are expected, but when you live by a regular sleeping schedule and still notice purplish rings developing around the eyes, could it be time to get checked for something else?

Apart from the obvious, like getting hit in the face or operations anywhere near the eyes or head; raccoon eyes, or periorbital hematoma if you wanna get fancy; manifests as either red or dark purple bruising around the eye; and Medical News Today writes it can also be a symptom of certain cancers.

Raccoon eyes can also be the result of an abnormal protein deposit in our organs called amyloid, which weakens the capillaries in the body. It has no cure, but treatments are available that limit the production of amyloid in the body.

Time to ditch the concealer and high coverage foundation and head to your doctor if your circles aren’t getting any better, and may even be accompanied by swelling of the eyelids, tenderness  of the area, blurred vision, and even body pain.

According to Medical News Today, doctors conduct tests to find the cause of the dark circles, and if addressed properly, will eventually go away on their own.

In cases of physical trauma to the face, surgery is needed and if necessary, protective devices like plates can be installed to the parts of the face that need more support after surgery, and to prevent further damage.

For diagnoses of cancers and growths causing the raccoon eyes, necessary cancer-killing medical treatment can be applied, as well as in cases of meningitis or aneurysms.

Even cosmetic surgery may be opted for patients who have developed physical deformities as a result of complications from their diseases, or extremely irritated raccoon eyes.


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