11 Best ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Quotes For Those Who Lost Faith In Love


the best how i met your mother quotes about love

Trouble finding love or losing your faith in destiny? Here are some How I Met Your Mother quotes to get you through the rainy days.

Fight us on this: How I Met Your Mother was one of the best TV shows on earth that restored our faith in love and life. Although the ending is quite contestable and even a bit disappointing to some fans, the show has blessed us with some of the most quotable quotes about love.


Before Ted Mosby met “The Mother”, he has had his fair share of mishaps in his relationships. He has been beaten up (literally), left at the altar, dated a psycho and made a fool out of himself more than we can count. This often resulted to some of the most hilarious and memorable TV moments – and the most quotable quotes!

Here are some of the wisest words our favorite HIMYM characters have said in their journey of finding love for themselves and helping main protagonist, Ted find the love of his life.

1.When Ted and his date retrace their first blind date together and what went wrong:

How I Met Your Mother quotes

2.When Robin dropped this truth bomb because Ted was about to ask a girl out that’s not right for him:

How I Met Your Mother quotes

3.When Ted showed real maturity by accepting things he cannot change:


4.When Ted got real about break-ups and trying to move on from a failed relationship with this analogy:

How I Met Your Mother quotes

5.When Barney said the simplest answer to a complicated question:

How I Met Your Mother famous quotes

6.When Ted knew the true meaning of moving on and letting go:


7.When Barney knew you just can’t choose who you fall in love with:

How I Met Your Mother

8.When Ted gave us the perfect example of what unconditional love is:

How I Met Your Mother quotes

9.When Robin taught us that sometimes you gotta fight the good fight to get the good stuff out of love:

Quotes from How I Met Your Mother

10.When Ted went to great lengths to do something for the person that he loves, not minding what other people might think:

How I Met Your Mother quotes - when you love someone you don't stop.

11.And finally, this uplifting and inspiring words from Ted that will make you want to fall in love again.


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