The Best Beauty Tips From Experts To End 2017


Your favorite beauty bloggers, influencers, makeup artists and hair stylists will be rounding out their hits and misses for 2017 for sure, so Into The Gloss wanted to the job of hunting through the best beauty tips, recommendations, discoveries, and practices of all the beautiful people and bring them to you.

So, from some of the best and brightest in the beauty and well-being industry, take a peek at what they have to say:


“I read something once that the most important things are to brush your teeth, always use some kind of sunscreen—doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy out—and massage your face with a cream for one minute every day. So those are the things I’ve always done, and they’re very easy and cheap to do.” —Jan De Villeneuve, model

“Every time I fly, I take a Tony Moly snail mask and when I arrive, my skin looks flawless.” —Huda Kattan, entrepreneur

“I start my day off with a Dove Beauty Bar. I really believe in that. It’s the only thing that makes me think my face is clean—a bar of soap that has been around [forever]. So I make sure my face is clean and then I started using this Chanel Sublimage. I like to go from a dollar soap to a $400 moisturizer. It’s a good modern balance!” —Marjon Carlos, writer

“I do think cleansing should be the base of anyone’s skin routine—it should make you feel really neutral afterwards—not dry, not oily. I’m obsessed with oil cleansers because they get rid of all the makeup without any effort whatsoever. My favorite is from Farmacy, it’s called Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm. It smells like heaven and gets rid of everything, no difficulty whatsoever.” —Katie Jane Hughes, makeup artist

“My main priority is dealing with zits. Before going out, I used to put toothpaste on them, before realizing it made them much, much worse. Luckily, the cameras on Grace and Frankie are very forgiving. I’ve been using iS Clinical’s Active Serum and the Cleansing Complex to zap my zits. And I always do these Skyn Iceland Eye Patches before an event. And after, too. It’s nice to know after a night of drinking I have something to aid in the de-puffing.” —Brooklyn Decker, actress

“I live by Clarisonic, I do, God bless it. Ever since I got it I’ve just been like, Bzzzzzzz. It really does give me a deep clean.” —Yvonne Orji, actress


“Oh, and for one of my most important ‘no-makeup tricks,’ I’ll also put a bit of brown eyeshadow on the pencil and line it under my eyes. It naturally opens my eyes because it looks like a shadow underneath. I cannot go out of my house without doing it. I just want to look stunning, shiny, and like I’m not wearing any makeup—but I do, honey. I do.” —Ines Rau, model

“I have a trick for contouring, actually. I think a lot of people focus on the darker color to get that look. But it’s important to blend it in with a lighter color around the jawline, the nose, the center of the face, underneath the eyes, the top of the cheeks, and the forehead. And not with highlighter! Just with something lighter than the contour shade—I just use my Skin Perfecting Powder. It just mattes everything down and helps blend everything together. Then you can highlight on top of that. Think about it—if you’re shading, like making a painting, you’re not just going to use a dark color, you’re going to use a light color that complements the dark color. It’s like painting a picture.” —Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice

“A cat-eye is me. I feel like I can’t leave the house without it. I use the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen, but only to draw. Then I go back and fill in with the Benefit Push-Up Liner. I swear by it.” —Liz Uy, stylist

“Sleep in drag—absolutely not. It’s so much makeup, there is definitely a time limit for keeping it on. I use duct tape to take off a lot of the stones and glitter.” —Naomi Smalls, drag queen


“Oh God, my hair is always an issue for me. It’s been short for a while–short hair is harder to style, but you know what I did? I got a perm called the American Wave Perm. I heard it was the healthiest type of perm, so I did that. It was really great for during the summer because I didn’t have to do anything to my hair. I just would get in the water and get out and it would have this nice wave to it.” —Miranda Kerr, model

“I actually bought an Aesop shampoo for [my dog]Frank, and then I ran out of my shampoo, so I used his, and it’s so nice. It’s really soft! Frank, I’m sorry!” —Coco Baudelle, model

“A wide array of combs is essential–you need a small barber comb to keep in your purse, and the one with the metal end so you can part your hair perfectly. You also need a tight brush. Mason Pearson makes really nice ones.” —Recho Omondi, designer

“I cut my daughter’s and husband’s hair and I trim my hair myself. The secret is to cut vertically.” —Bianca Balti, model

“If I’m going to an event, I’ll wash my hair the night before. It has a lot of volume so when I wash it, it looks huge. I’ll blow dry it, go to sleep, wake up, and it looks good.” —Sabina Socol, writer


“There’s this exfoliator called the Cure—it’s for your face, but I use it on my neck and chest right before I shower if I’m going out. It makes the whole area really shiny and nice.” —Sarah Staudinger, designer

“This might sound weird, but I use MAC Face and Body on my legs to even them out and give them a bit of color. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is also really great, and I’ll use the Michael Kors Fabulous Body Lotion if I’m doing a shoot for lingerie or going to a casting. It gives you that shimmer.” —Shanina Shaik, model

Health & General Well-Being

“Food affects my skin and energy so dramatically. When I’m filming something, I’m gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, and chugging water. The moment I wrap, I’m freebasing bread and pasta, swimming in ice cream, and, like, injecting wine into my eyes.” —Betty Gilpin, actress

“In China, I feel like it’s all about your inner health first. My routine is a combination—so I take acai and maca powder in the morning. Maca is really good for your hormones, so I take it to regulate everything. From my grandmother, I learned about Goji berries, ginseng, ginger—you put them in hot water and let them sit for a couple hours. It’s really good for women’s health, for the skin, everything.” —Esetlle Chen, model

“Supplement-wise, I’m a little insane. I’m trying to calm down and be a little less crazy about it, but I definitely noticed a change when I started taking magnesium. I get stressed out and crave chocolate all the time, and it’s very good about curbing my sweet cravings. And it helps me sleep better. Any Omega 3, 6 too—I was a vegetarian for a long time and then I started eating fish again, so I’m taking the fish oil. I think it’s good for you.” —Camille Rowe, model

“Really, beauty and self-care are one and the same for me. We’re in this culture that’s all about rush rush rush, and putting everything and everyone before yourself is glorified behavior. But taking care of yourself is a huge part of your quality of life. Life is not just about making money. You can’t just be about that. You need to take time to relax. Then it’s easier for you to express yourself.” —Ebonee Davis, activist

“You’re only young and beautiful while you’re young and beautiful! Take a risk, dress up! Wear slutty clothes, wear crazy makeup, push yourself to do it. When you’re in your 50s, you don’t want to look back and be like ‘Damn, I was so modest.’ What’s the point in being modest? I want to look expensive, over-the-top and flawless. To show that you actually give a shit is fun.” —Teddy Quinlivan, model

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