Basic Skincare Tips Flight Attendants Never Fail To Do


Sitting in a long haul flight gets our skin pretty irritated, and depending on your skin type, the recycled, cold-as-hell air circulating in the cabin can either dry you out or turn you into an oily mess.

But have you ever taken a look at the flight attendants, and wonder how they manage to stay so fresh looking despite being stuck in a cold cabin for hours, or even days at a time?


This could mean applying it topically; such as serums, face mists, and creams, but most importantly, chugging water regularly throughout the flight.

Dry, cold air, coupled with skin-clogging makeup, can wreak havoc on skin; especially if exposed to it for a longer time like flight attendants are, so they make sure to liberally apply their moisturizer of choice pre-makeup.


Sloughing off dead skin cells regularly as part of your skin care routine has several benefits: it brightens up dullness of the skin, especially if you’ve been feeling ‘blah’ for some time.

Utilize scrubs, peels, and even nose pore packs to really get into stubborn areas where dead skin has accumulated.

Flight attendants regularly exfoliate because being exposed to dust and other pollutants that settle on the skin while also wearing heavy makeup, and regularly experiencing extreme temperature shifts can cause breakouts.

Exfoliating away dead skin cells also allows your skin care products to penetrate well into skin, working their magic better and more effectively. Don’t we all want our money’s worth for our skin products?

Remove your makeup

They cannot stress it enough: makeup = clogged pores = skin problems. No matter if you are using products that claim to be non-comedogenic (pore clogging), foreign coatings on the skin like foundation and powders disrupt the skin’s normal processes and it is always better to let the skin ‘breathe’. Most flight attendants prefer not wearing foundations and full coverage powders when they aren’t working in order to give their skin a break.

Also pay attention to removing all traces of your mascara, they shared. Mascara build up can cause eye infections and ladies; lice on the eyelashes are a thing that exists. *cringe*


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