The Five Beauty Products You Really Shouldn’t be Using Daily


Beauty products are supposed to help us out, right? Generally speaking, yes. But not when you use them in excess.

We all have our designated line up when it comes to getting ready in the morning, and for many of us something just feels kinda ‘off’ if even at least one of them isn’t smothered onto our face and body at some point in the day.

But did you know there are some beauty products that aren’t meant to be in the daily rotation?

Women’s Health talked with the experts in rounding these ‘every other day’ products up:


If you hit snooze more than once you know you’re gonna be reaching for this oil mopper, volume-giver , and scent improver in the morning. But spritzing on your fave dry shampoo everyday can be detrimental to the overall health of your scalp and hair.

“I am a huge fan of dry shampoo; it is definitely my go-to styling product. That being said, using a lot of dry shampoo day after day can dry your hair out and leave it feeling brittle and crispy. A build up of too much use can cause breakage and damage over time,” says Leanne Citrone, co-owner and stylist at the Andy Lecompte Salon in Beverly Hills.

Citrone recommends not using dry shampoo more than two days in a row.


Anything that screams hydration and moisture is probably good for you everyday, right? Nope!

Deep conditioning on the daily may run you the risk of actually making your hair drier.

“Over-use of deep protein-rich conditioning treatments can be detrimental,” says Citrone. “Protein-rich treatments can throw off the pH balance of the hair and cause the opposite effect, making your hair break off. If you feel like you need more love for your hair, then incorporate coconut oil as a weekly maintenance,” says Citrone.


If you’ve got cracked, chapped lips, medicated lip balm intended for the purpose of treating windburn or chapped lips is of course the best bet, but once it’s cleared up it’s best to go back to your regular balm.

“Overuse can cause your lips to rely on the medication to stay moisturized,” says Dr. Annie Chiu, a dermatologist over at The Derm Institute. “Use them until you are no longer chapped, and then switch to a regular lip balm.”


Primer is like the glue that holds your makeup to your face; with many types of formulas out in the market.

But since it’s commonly laden with silicone, constant everyday use isn’t advised.

The silicone in these could clog pores with oils and sweat and cause breakouts. Save them for special occasions, and be sure to wash well when removing,” said Chiu.


An often- advised makeup product to instantly give you more ‘awake’ eyes, wearing mascara everyday isn’t actually bad, it’s just the waterproof versions you have to look out for, said Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

“It tends to dry out your lashes and should be used sparingly,” she says. “Put a coat of regular mascara on your lashes first and then use the waterproof to seal it in.”


A little color on especially pallid skin is refreshing, especially when the temperature drops and all we’re seeing is grey skies, but take the time to learn how to properly apply (and remove!!) your self-tanner.

“Many times this can lead to orange, streaky skin,” said Grennberg. “It doesn’t look good or natural. Most people don’t take the time to apply it correctly, so the problem [is that it]just keeps layering on itself until you look like Magda from Something About Mary,” or like, President Donald Trump? Yikes.

It’s best to reserve that bronze glow for a really special occasion, and use it sparingly; especially since the active ingredient in most self-tanner formulas (DHA) can cause potential DNA damage.


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