4 Must-Have Beauty Products That Are Actually Bad For You


beauty products that are bad for you

Listen up, ladies! Do you know that there are beauty products that are bad for you? Of course you do!

According to our experts, when it comes to beauty, we should take (or use) whatever help we can — concealer, moisturizer, hair serum — name it! But as it turns out, using too much of certain beauty products could be harmful to our health (gasp!).

Every woman has at least one beauty must-have in their drawers that are life-changing – it could be this BB cream that gives you a dewy look, a lip balm that makes you look like you’ve just been kissing or a lotion that dissolves all your winter dryness away.

In fact, some beauty products deliver such great results that we try to use them as often as possible. What we don’t know is that just as everything taken excessively, beauty products can harm our health.

Here are some products that you need to stop using excessively right now.

1) Primers

beauty products that are bad for you

Primers are amazing. They can give your skin a sudden moisture needed in order for your make-up to stay longer as well as blend better. However, using it every single day could take a toll on your skin.

“Most primers are silicone-based and the silicone lays on top of your skin. It helps smooth over pores but can also trap sweat and oils in them, causing breakouts,” Allan Avendaño told Pop Sugar, make-up artist to the stars.

Best time to use primers? On special occasions or if you feel like your skin is a little too dry or patchy. Allan added that it is important to use a good facial cleanser to make sure the silicone in your primer is dissolved from your skin completely.


2) Mineral Make-Up

Mineral Makeup: beauty products that are bad for you

Although mineral make-up products are marketed as “natural”, some of these products have been found with toxic ingredients like selenium, mercury and lead.

In a study conducted on various mineral make-up products, 96% had lead content. Although most of the products contained lead “at levels acceptable to the FDA”, using it every day may accumulate on your skin. And this could wreak havoc on your health. Some adverse effects of lead include kidney diseases incidence of hypertension and increased blood pressure, reproductive system malfunction and more.


3) Medicated Lip Balm

beauty products that are bad for you

Medicated lip ointments, creams and balms are great for chapped puckers. However, if you use it excessively, your lips run the risk of becoming “dependent” on the product. Instead of naturally producing moisture, your lips will start to become over-reliant on the medicated lip product you’re using.

Instead of applying it every day, limit it for when your lips feel super dry and chappy.


4) Hair Bleach

Stop using these beauty products that are bad for you

We know, we know! How else will you get that rose gold hair color that Kylie Jenner has, right? Although hair bleaching helps darker-haired people to dye their hair with whatever color they want, it’s a known fact that it could damage hair. But how, exactly?

Hair bleach could enlarge the pores on your scalp, which could dehydrate hair, making it look dull. In the long run, bleaching your hair could result to extreme hair loss.


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