Makeup Goals And Beauty Hacks That Began In Ancient Times


Beauty hacks and makeup have become a part of a lot of women’s (and men’s) lives these days, yet the art and history of makeup goes all the way back to Cleopatra, Queen Victoria and the Japanese Geisha. The only difference? They didn’t have MAC, Estee Lauder and even drug store brands back then.

So how did women in the olden times do their makeup? And had their beauty hacks survived the test of time?

Let’s take a look back in the history of beauty and cosmetics and see what we are still using today.

32 B.C. —  All About Honey

If you ever used honey in your beauty recipes, then you and Ptolemaic Egypt’s last known ruler, Cleopatra, have a thing in common. In ancient Egypt, honey was a staple for achieving supple skin. They also used it as hair conditioner. It has also been said that Cleopatra mixed honey with milk and rose petals in her bath  — That’s one way to lure Julius Caesar!

400 B.C. — Olive For The Goddesses

Today, olive oil is a kitchen staple. However, for the ladies of ancient Greece and Egypt, it was considered their serum of youth. Olive Oil has been known for its antioxidant properties and moisturizing effect.

Meanwhile, the pigments from fruits like strawberries served as lipsticks while they used soot to achieve that strong #EyebrowGame.

1400’s — Blush, Don’t Rush

In 15th Century Europe, where blush was a trend, the mixture of sandalwood and ethanol was in demand for a long-lasting rosy cheek.

1830’s — No Pain, No Gain

However, the women in the Victorian era had a subtle and slightly masochistic way to achieve red lips and cheeks – biting and pinching. Blame it on Queen Victoria’s idea that makeup was “unladylike.”

1900’s — Coal-Dusted Peepers

Full makeup coverage began at the end of the 19th Century, the beginning of vampy looks and emergence of flappers. The women were obsessed with volume eyelashes just like us! But instead of using eyelash extensions and mascara, they used coal dust and Vaseline.

The standards of beauty always change and it’s evident in history that men and women always adapt. These days, the makeup styles and beauty hacks are no less gorgeous — unicorn makeup, ice cream makeup and optical illusion makeup  — they make you feel #Blessed that makeup removers and facial cleansers were invented!


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