Beauty Products You Need When You’re In Beauty Funk


In a beauty funk? These products can help you feel like your best self.

We’ve all had days when just feel a little flat, like maybe you feel your skin looks a little dull, or you could definitely use a little life on those lips.
Cosmopolitan has got you covered with these products to help you zap a little more confidence in your frame of mind:

European Wax Center
Mask Me Hydrogel Mask

A multibenefit mask that combines everything you love about the nourishing power of face masks, and then some. Cosmo reports that this mask comes in two parts, one for the upper half of your face and one for the lower half, and both brighten, hydrate, replenish, smooth, soothe, and firm, but (big bonus!!) the lower half also minimizes hair growth. Feel like a million bucks after you let one soak in.

Too Cool for School
Jelly Blusher in Peach

As Korean brands go, Too Cool For School is lesser on the cutesy side and more for the yuppie trying to be an adult, but at the same time wants to hang on to their youth.
“The soft, bouncy formula of this one feels like a marshmallow to the touch and deposits a buildable wash of color for a natural-looking flush. Keep the tin in your bag for brush-free applications whenever you feel like you could use a rosy pick-me-up,” Cosmo said.
It’s featured here with another crowd favorite, the Glossier Cloud Paints.

No Filter Foundation

40 shades or more is the new norm, because people of all skin tones deserve to have shades that match them. The matte and long-wearing formula still feels lightweight, so you can get the coverage that makes you feel good about your skin on not-so-good skin days, all without a heavy or cakey finish.

BUXOM Cosmetics
SexySmoky Kajal Powder Liner

Maybe what you need is just a little bit of definition on those pretty peepers? Buxom has you covered. The SexySmoky Kajal Powder Liner isn’t as harsh as liquid eyeliners go, so no emo/ scene kid comebacks here.

“It delivers the wetness of a liner with the diffused color of a power shadow for a smoky look,” says Cosmo, and it’s as easy as swipe, blend, and go.

Wet n Wild
Mega Last Liquid Catsuit Eyeshadow

Your high-quality drugstore priced staple, Wet N Wild gives you the leeway to play with your looks on those days when you just need that one thing to liven up your look. What could be more uplifting than a glittery eye?

Dazzle and take your look up a notch with a single swipe, and you can feel doubly good about wearing the vegan, cruelty-free formula.

Check out more of Cosmopolitan’s pick-me-up recommendations here, you beautiful lady you.


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