This Beauty Blogger’s Advice About Zits Will Make You Feel Better About Yours


While we’re all constantly on the hunt for better, smoother, skin; most of us just aren’t blessed with the genes no matter how many products we pile on. And that shouldn’t make you think of yourself less.

Cosmopolitan spoke with Deepica Mutyala, you know, that girl who infamously used red lipstick to cover up her dark spots?

Let us jog your memory on this beauty:

She said since her video blew up, the constant early days and late nights filming, going on talks and other commitments, coupled with constant heavy makeup application really took a toll on her skin.
“I guess I always thought I was immune to having terrible skin, especially acne. Because I looked at my mom and my mom has really good skin, and my grandma has really good skin, but they didn’t play with makeup for a living,” she said.
Since then, skin care has become her priority, but that doesn’t meant she feels bad about the acne and breakouts she sometimes gets, and still features it in her videos.
“It was really important for me to kind of be able to put the raw and real out there because nobody’s perfect,” said Mutyala, who added that she started making her videos for South Asian women to get makeup and skincare tips from someone who looked like them.
“I didn’t really have that growing up,” she said.
While you may be on the road to treating your acne, Mutyala encourages that you also put light on the things that you love about yourself, so you’re not constantly making yourself all about your skin problems.
“Instead of focusing so much on masking what we don’t like about ourselves, if we just focus on enhancing and kind of bringing attention towards the things we do like about ourselves, we’re more focused on the positive things. I think the more you just own it about yourself, the quicker you can feel comfortable in your own skin.
Then the more you have a positive impact on yourself, and everyone around you.”
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