Beauty Blogger Sondos Algattan Loses Makeup Deals After Racist Remarks


Beauty blogger, Sondos Algattan loses her deals after her rant on giving househelp one day off and letting them keep their passports.

Swift backlash hit a Kuwaiti beauty blogger as big brands dropped her due to her less-than-nice comments on a new law in their country that allows domestic helpers one day off a week, and letting them keep their passports.

Sondos Alqattan posted a video on Instagram earlier this week blasting changes to their ‘kafala system’ which now allows Filipino migrant workers the right to days off and not having to surrender their passport to their employer. These changes came after the Philippine government threatened to ban Kuwait from taking in Filipino workers after the body of a Filipina working as a maid in the country was found stuffed in a freezer.

“The new laws that have been passed are pathetic. Honestly, I disagree,” said Alqattan, who has a following of 2.3 million people on the image-sharing platform.

“For [a maid]to take a day off every week, that’s four days a month,” she added. ”Those are the days that she’ll be out. And we don’t know what she’ll be doing on those days, with her passport on her.”

Her comments made the rounds on social media, with many calling her views archaic and racist.

Several beauty brands which she has endorsement deals with also cut ties with her, adding they do not wish to share in her views.

London-based cosmetics brand Chelsea Beautique was among the first to drop Alqattan, saying “We believe that decent working conditions should be provided to everyone and such behavior does not represent our brand’s core beliefs.”

Gulf News meanwhile reported that cosmetics giant Max Factor has followed suit, as well as French perfume house M. Micallef.

“Max Factor Arabia was shocked by the comments made… regarding the new labor law in Kuwait,” according to a spokesperson of Gulf News.

“Max Factor Arabia is taking this incident very seriously and have immediately suspended all collaborations with Sondos.”

Alqattan however, has remained unapologetic on her views, posting a lengthy defense of her comments.


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