This Beautiful 86 Year Old Bride Stuns The World With Her Style


86 Year Old Bride

If only we can all look as good as this 86 year old bride when we’re her age!

Millie Taylor-Morrison recently made headlines and caught the world’s attention when she attended her wedding in this beautiful dress that she designed herself.

On October 16, Taylor-Morrison tied the knot with her second husband in a lavender gown – a product of her creativity and impeccable sense of style.

“It took a few sketches done by a church member, Mathew Purefoy, until they got it right,” Taylor-Morrison’s granddaughter Khadija Elkharbibi told BuzzFeed. “She then took it to designer Marco Hall to have it made. She started that process in July.”

It’s easy to understand why Taylor-Morrison has such an inclination for fashion and elegance. When she was younger, she was a model herself.

86 Year Old Bride

“She used to model back in the 1940s–’50s for Belle Mead Modeling under the direction of Emily Miles,” Elkharbibi said of Taylor-Morrison. “She modeled up until her fourth child.”

Even after five children, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, Taylor-Morrison’s sense of style has never worn out.

86 Year Old Bride

“She is always fabulous!” her granddaughter said. “She never leaves the house without her hair and makeup being done, and she always wears heels.”

And it appears that her decision to be just as fashionable as she was when she was younger actually paid off when she walked down the aisle – the look on her husband’s eyes was priceless!

86 Year Old Bride

Taylor-Morrison got married to her first husband four decades ago. 25 years later, she met her now husband, Harold Morrison.

According to her granddaughter, Taylor-Morrison felt astounded by the amount of attention she has been receiving from people all over the world – all because she wanted to look and feel glamorous on her wedding day (like all brides do).

“She cannot put into words how she feels, but it is awesome and she feels blessed,” Elkharbibi said of Taylor-Morrison’s reaction. “She said this may be her last hoorah, and I am so happy that this has become such a special one for her.”


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