ASOS Is Launching Their Own Beauty Line And OMG


One of the fave places online to get party-ready outfits, ASOS is launching its own beauty line under a revamped beauty tab on their website by September 20.

Already carrying several beauty junkie approved brands like Beauty Bakerie and NYX, ASOS Makeup will feature satin and matte finish lipsticks for $11.50, matte liquid lipsticks for $11.50, creamy lip liner pencils for $8, metallic liquid eyeliners for $9.50, twist-up pencil eyeliners for $9.50, mascaras for $13, bronzers for $13.50, highlighter sticks for $14.50, blush for $13, and a translucent finishing powder for $16.

Sounds like the whole arsenal is there to complete your look! And did you notice nothing is above $20? Praise to the beauty gods!

According to sources, while the line is super affordable, its products are definitely presented as more higher- end, even if the packaging may be too ‘millennial’ for some.

Rest assured though, the deep matte lipsticks, metallic liquid eyeliners, and satin finish blushes have a much more polished and grown-up feel.

ASOS will also be changing its beauty tab from “ASOS Beauty” to “ASOS Face + Beauty” to be make it more welcoming and gender-neutral to those who may be shy to the makeup and skincare game.
Along with the new line and section comes a new #ASOSGoPlay campaign, starring a diverse cast of influencers such as Jazelle and Richie Shazam; that encourages its users to simply “go play” with their makeup and beauty looks however they’d like to.

Color outside the lines. Go play.

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The collection launches on September 20 at, with an additional product drop coming in January 2018.
Whooah, when will the beauty world let us take a breather? But just kidding, beauty and skincare junkies always live for the next new drop, because who knows, your new favorite may just be in the offing.


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