Andrew Lincoln Is Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’


Rick Grimes’ Andrew Lincoln might be leaving The Walking Dead soon; can the show survive without him?

For fans of The Walking Dead, a show set in a post-zombie apocalypse America, no one is as iconic as the horse-riding, gun-slinging, leader of the pack character that is Rick Grimes; but a major change is reportedly in the wind.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays the severely damaged (hey, he’s lost a wife, love interests , a kid, his survival ‘family’ is hanging on a thread) cop, is reportedly leaving the show sometime in Season 9, with Norman Reedus (who plays leather-clad, crossbow swinging Daryl Dixon) and die-hard fans want to know: can the show survive without his character?

Writer Erik Kain in his piece for Forbes penned that it’s a ‘hard time’ picturing out what a Daryl-led group of survivors battling both the dead and the living would look like.

“Daryl is a great wing-man. He’s the strong, silent type. Indefatigably stoic. He looks cool when he rides his motor cycle, and he grunts ominously at bad guys before shooting them with his crossbow…  Daryl almost never speaks. When he does, it’s in short bursts. He’s driven by emotional responses to every situation. I’m not sure he’s ever had a plan (not that Rick’s plans are very good.) I like Daryl as far as characters on this show go, but he’s not really a leader. He’s a loner,” Kain said.

A show about a group of survivors on the road trying to survive the apocalypse might be a better plot to have Reedus as the leading man, but The Walking Dead is no longer holding onto that premise.

It’s now about communities of humans in the zombie apocalypse, trying to find their way (and supremacy over others) in a now incredibly volatile world.

Reedus (in green) and Lincoln share a light moment behind the scenes while filming TWD Season 8.

Kain makes a point then about how recent seasons of the show hasn’t really given Grimes much in terms of character development, vital since of course he is the leading protagonist; so he couldn’t really blame Lincoln for wanting off the show.

“It’s nothing like the earlier seasons. And it will only drift further from that with Lincoln out, and probably other major cast members to follow,” Kain opined.

Read his entire piece on the matter here.



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