Robin Thicke Breaks Down at Father Alan Thicke’s Funeral




During his father, Alan Thicke’s funeral, “Blurred Lines” singer, Robin Thicke was overcome with emotion.

Singer Robin Thicke lost his father, Alan Thicke, last week from what some are saying was a heart-attack.  Alan Thicke was playing hokey with his younger son when the incident happened.

Alan Thicke was best known from the television show, Growing Pains, which had a successful seven-season run. Alan Thicke and his wife at the time, Gloria Loring,  gave birth to singer Robin Thicke in 1977.

Robin Thicke, a gifted singer/songwriter/musician has had a rocky past few years.  When he was standing on top of the music world, Robin and his wife, actress Paula Patton, gave birth to their son Julian.

Four years later, the happy couple separated.  Which prompted Robin to release his album titled “Paula” that didn’t go over to well.  But “Blurred Lines” was a smash hit.  So much so that Marvin Gaye’s family slapped him and his collaborators with a law suit for copyright infringement.

But with all of that, there is nothing on this earth that could have prepared Robin for the loss of his father, Alan.

Alan’s funeral was in Santa Barbara, CA.  As his casket was moved to its final resting place, his son, Robin, was overcome by emotion. (see video below)

Alan passed away at the young age of 69. Prayers going out to Robin and his family.


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