Queen Elizabeth Gifts Prince Harry And Meghan Markle The Swanky Adelaide Cottage


Queen Elizabeth reportedly gifted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) swanky new digs, in the form of the Adelaide Cottage, and we just want in on the housewarming party.

A home literally made for a queen!

If Daily Mail is to be believed, Queen Elizabeth II majorly upgraded the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s abode from their relatively humble two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace to an abode that allegedly has seven (does royalty truly need so many?) gated entrances and was built by King William IV in 1831.

Dubbed the Adelaide Cottage for the namesake wife of King William IV, the word ‘cottage’ is actually quite humble for the showstopper of a house, and you can probably take a guess why the house is as grand as the people it housed.

Hello Giggles found out that some of the features of the two-story building include a veranda and “coved ceiling with gilded dolphins and rope ornament from a 19th Century Royal yacht,” as well as a “marble Graeco-Egyptian fireplace.”

It’s housed many royal dignitaries over the years, and according to HG, a recent renovation in 2015 has allowed even more peace and quiet into the property that’s located just at the outskirts of Windsor Castle, thanks to the fact that it’s located about 40 minutes away from the noisy business of London.

While there hasn’t been official comment from the royal family, it isn’t farfetched for the Queen to provide her grandson and his bride an abode that offers a bit more privacy; since Nottingham Cottage is located in quite close proximity to the rest of the family.

That’s extraordinary and all, but knowing how the couple like to have fun outside of their royal duties and appearances, we can’t wait to hear all about the royal housewarming party!



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