Are You Brave Enough To Explore This Abandoned Amusement Park?


An air of mystery shrouds the Takakonuma Greenland amusement park, and it’s not just the dense fog that comes naturally with the climate of the area.

It’s one of Japan’s top destinations for thrill seekers, even though it’s hard to get to: you would have to travel 250 km north of Tokyo, and even then, not a lot of people readily know where it exactly is.

It had a thirteen year run, opening up in the 1970s and then mysteriously closing down for undisclosed reasons; some say repairs were needed,  but others think that the rumor of deaths occurring at the park gives it a more eerie but exciting reputation.

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Soon after closing down, nature took its course and enveloped most of the structures. It doesn’t help too that the vegetation grows lush and quickly due to the climate of the area. The more notable features of the park, like the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, are covered in rust, while the other attractions; like stalls and booths, are overrun with graffiti from trespassers and hard-headed visitors.

According to this story, despite the high number of visitors that the amusement park gets even in its derelict state, there aren’t a lot of photos to go around. Why?  A rumor goes that no matter how many pictures photographers upload; only one picture will appear on the computer.


It reminds us of the damp, dark, and disturbing Silent Hill movies.

But still, despite its reputation and worse-for-wear state, many locals still consider the site a part of their history, like the many culturally important sites dotting the country.



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