The 90’s Hairstyle That Defined A Generation


This is an ode to the 90’s hairstyle that defined a generation.

Count on Vogue to document moments in cinematic history that make us realize how fondly we can look back on those years, and the styles that were immediately copied worldwide.

Take the Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz helmed There’s Something About Mary. A look at the poster for the movie screams 90’s peak hot girl fashion, but there’s something you can’t miss either, and it’s that iconic front-flip on Diaz’s golden bob.

“Mary’s freshly chopped lengths framed impossibly high cheekbones. The sunny, sporty crop often called for a hair accessory or two (think: tortoiseshell headbands, oversize sunglasses, small plastic hair pins placed just inches from her side part—very ’90s prep),” pens Vogue writer Kate Branch in her ‘love letter’ in honor of the movie’s 20 year anniversary, which to be specific, is commemorated on July 15. (It premiered in 1998!)

The movie, a chronicling of Stiller’s memories with the girl he thought he forever lost his chance with, earned legions of fans, and not just the guys who were probably more into ‘hot’ Mary: tank tops, body-fitting dresses, sports and all; but women too, who found that Diaz’s portrayal of an obviously hot girl with nearly zero self-absorption was a refreshing sight to see on the big screen.

It’s safe to say that as long as we’re alive to remember it, the movie; and the iconic hairstyle that was in it, will remain alive and well-loved.


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