6 Things 40-Somethings Are Tired Of Hearing


There’s a reason why 40-somethings are probably the most confident people in the world, as compared to their younger counterparts.
At 40, women begin to come to terms with things that made them insecure when they were young. But not everyone can relate or understand this confidence, especially not from women who chose to break societal norms in terms of love, family and/or career.

Here are 8 Things 40-somethings are tired of hearing from people.

1. “Why Aren’t You Married?”

When you’re a single 40-something, your relatives and even your well-meaning friends will think something is wrong with you. Somehow, the idea of choosing to be unmarried in this century still seems incomprehensible to some people.

But know that marriage is just a choice in life – not a destiny. You can either reject the idea or embrace it. Don’t be pressured into marriage just because everyone does it. You do you.

2. “Your Biological Clock Is Ticking”

Meanwhile, women who choose not to have kids will most likely encounter this question by the time they’re 40: “Why aren’t you having kids? Your time is running out!”

The best thing to do here is to calmly tell them that your body (or any woman’s body) is not a baby-making machine. It’s your choice whether or not you’re having kids.

3. “Life Starts At 40”

It’s a well-meaning quote but it is nonetheless the source of disappointment for many people when they find out that the age of 40 is less exciting as promised. Instead, this is the era of sending your kids to college, which is kinda sad or else, losing old family members.

Life doesn’t begin at 40, life begins the moment you took your very first breath as a baby. Cherish it! Spend time with your loved ones and know that every moment is fleeting.

4. “Dress Your Age!”

You might have been told at least once to dress your age because somewhat, those cute skirts from Forever 21 just doesn’t work to your favor anymore. But guess what? You can wear anything you want because it’s your body, it’s your life and it’s your money.

5. “You Have To Prepare For Retirement”

You know how financial awareness and stability is so important, so why do some people think they still have to give their unsolicited advice about money? For one, it’s rude. And second, they don’t know savvy you are with your savings at this point.

And if you don’t have money in the bank, that’s fine, too. You can always work slowly to achieve the ideal retirement – take one day at a time. Save five dollars everyday – just think how much that would be in a few years!

6. “You’ve Got Laugh Lines Now”

Society has always been obsessed with youth and once you hit your 40’s, it’s like you’re invisible in some people’s eyes – except for your laugh lines.

To you, the appearance of new fine lines and wrinkles may be daunting but it’s not something you should be ashamed of. It’s like a bookmark – a sign that in your life, you had your fair share of laughs.


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