8 Skin Secrets From A Beauty Editor


Skin secrets? There are a group of people who know the best.

Beauty editors and writers seem to radiate poreless, dewy, skin perfection, but one of the reasons for that, aside from the myriad of products and procedures they get to try on the regular, they also subscribe to a solid skin regimen and lifestyle change.

Cosmo.com‘s Beauty Director, Carly Cardellino, knows a thing or two about skin care and is dishing her best practices:

1. Don’t underestimate the power of a good mask

“Three times a week, I take a half hour Epsom salt bath and apply a mask while I soak,” says Cardellino. It helps if you apply formulas that are targeted for specific concerns: acne, dryness, etc.

“I’m all about resetting my skin to a healthy state,” she adds.

2. Squeeze in sweat sessions

“Consistent exercise is as important as maintaining a healthy skincare regimen,” says Cardellino, who works out a minimum of three days per week.

 3. Never, ever work out with makeup on

“My skin breaks out easily, so I have to keep it super clean before and after I work out,” says Cardellino.

Use gentle cleansing wipes like Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes to remove any trace of makeup pre-gym. And why not cleanse your face after your workout immediately at the gym instead of waiting to get home?

“This ensures no sweat, oil, or dirt is on my skin for long,”says Cardellino.

 4Eating clean equals glowy skin

“Once I began drinking more water, eating more leafy greens, and cutting down on sugar and dairy, I saw a dramatic difference in my skin,” she says. “It’s clearer, with less breakouts, and naturally brighter.” Try eating small meals every three hours to keep your metabolism up, adds Cardellino.

5. Drink water like it’s your job

Probably one of the most no-brainer advice there is, nourishing and moisturizing yourself from the inside first makes it show on the outside.

Cardellino’s H2O hack?

“Before every meal and snack, drink two full 8 oz. glasses of water. This way, I never forget to drink water or have to play catch-up toward the end of the day when I’d already be dehydrated,” she says.

6. If you’re chill, so is your skin

Keep a balance in all your activities to keep your stress levels in check.

“Studies show that an increase in stress leads to a boost of cortisol, which can cause breakouts, dryness, and even wrinkles,” says Cardellino.

“Your body can’t be in fight or flight mode if you want to look good.”

7.  Hydrated skin is healthy skin]

“Skin needs to maintain a healthy lipid barrier, because if compromised, dirt and bacteria can get in and cause a cycle of breakouts or dehydration,” she says.

Reach for a light, oil-free hydrator morning and night, and pop in a moisturizing sheet mask every now and then.

 8. Go to bed earlier

We know, we know, you just haaaave to watch one more video and like one more picture. But sleep is so important for great skin.

It’s not only when skin goes into repair mode to undo the damage from the day, but it’s also when it absorbs healthy ingredients from your nighttime skincare routine most effectively, said Cardellino.

“I’ve been very mindful of trying to stick to a bedtime lately,” she says. A host of nighttime activities online is tempting, but try to do what Carly does and set your phone to the side atleast a half hour before bedtime.


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