7 Spring Hairstyles That You Can Rock This Season


Can’t decide which spring 2017 hairstyles should you get?

Warmer days are here and along with it are tiny little changes we make to go with the season. Spring  means getting a chance to wear lighter outfits, sandals and shorter haircuts, too.

Plus, if you’re planning to go to a couple of music festivals this season, you know you have to bring you’re A-game. That means, glowing skin, cool outfits and hairstyle so good even Beyonce calls you “Becky.”

We’ve rounded up some of the best spring 2017 hairstyles and haircuts that you can definitely rock this season.

1. Short And Wavy

spring 2017 hairstyles

Let’s face it – warmer days mean you might have to let go of polished waves and just go with the flow. Because it’s a little more humid, your hair won’t likely stay in place anyway. Take advantage of this and go for a short and wavy hairstyle.

2. Wet Look

spring 2017 hairstyles

Is it the 90’s already? Wet-looking hairstyles seem to be making a comeback this year and it’s perfect for summer and spring. It gives you that beach vibes even though you’re miles away from the nearest one.

3. Fishtail Braids

spring 2017 hairstyles

Braids are big this season because music festivals seem to be popping up everywhere. It’s the easiest hairstyle to work with but it looks sooo good and keeps your hair out of your face when you’re sweating like a pig in the middle of a desert. #ChellaVibes

4. High Ponytail

spring 2017 hairstyles

Sleek, long and high ponytails are definitely a “yes” this season. You can wear it to a formal dinner to a night out with the ladies. The higher the ponytail, the better.

5. Ribbons, Hairbands And Barrettes

spring 2017 hairstyles

You might find it strange. Ribbons in your hair? You’re not 6 years old. But yes, even on the runway, barrettes, ribbons and hairbands are seen and we’re loving them! But don’t think Hello Kitty barrettes though because after all, you’re a grown ass woman. Think of interlacing the accessories in your braids, ponytails and buns.

6. Pixie Cut

spring 2017 hairstyles

Tired of throwing your hair back away from your face? Take a leaf out of Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne’s book and chop off your locks into a sleek, sophisticated pixie cut. It’s fierce and edgy!

7. Shaved

spring 2017 hairstyles

It’s the ultimate hairstyle for the summer: the buzz cut. This haircut looks especially good on people with oblong faces like Kirsten Stewart. You’d look nothing less than bad ass in this spring hairstyle.


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