7 Reasons Traveling Ruins Friendships


Sometimes traveling ruins friendships.

You’ve got the itinerary set, the tickets booked, the outfits planned, and the photos you’re dreaming about are just itching to get posted. But why is it that in the middle of the trip, sometimes you’d want nothing more than to rip your bestie’s hair out?

Traveling brings out the best and the worst in people, just when you thought you knew your friends well. But it’s normal, and you  guys might even look back on it with a laugh. But just to steel you, TripZilla counts some of the ways travelling together with your besties might be the end of your friendship:

  1. Your travel goals are different

Others might be there just for the trendy, modern spots; while some of your friends will want to go off the beaten path. Seems OK when you have all the time and money in the world, but usually, you’re on a budget and a limited number of days.

“So when the group has to forgo someone’s travel goals to make way for another’s, watch out for the bitter feelings,” advises TripZilla.

  1. One of you is always the slower one

This is where you find out who among you is the stickler for time in an unfamiliar place, and which friend in the group just seems like they’re dragging their feet around.

“If you’re the one rushing, you get anxious that you might not make it in time to where you’re going. If you’re the one who wants to slow down or take your time, you absolutely find it annoying that you’re being rushed when a vacation is supposed to be relaxing.” Uh-oh!

  1. You can’t make up your minds

During a trip, things can get pretty petty when everybody wants to try out something different all at once: where to eat, where to go next, or what the game plan for the following day is going to be.

Watch out because this might be fuel for a fire!

  1. No one can get a decent photo of you—

“You just want ONE perfect shot of you with the background or beautiful view, but absolutely NO ONE manages to give you the photo you badly wanted.”

  1. —But you always take a good photo of them

You know how much this trip means to them, so being the good friend you are you take some pretty fire photos of your friends, but then they don’t exactly feel the same way about you.

“The worst part is, it’s not exactly their fault if you’re better with the camera. Yes, we know. Life isn’t fair, and sometimes, friendship isn’t fair either,” opines TripZilla.

  1. Someone loses or forgets something at the worst time

Their wallet, their passport, their freakin’ ticket, your shopping, omg!! Trust us, somebody is bound to forget or lose something important at the worst possible time.

  1. When everyone is “hangry”

Hungry + Angry, the worst combination of feelings known to humankind.

Hot heads can prevail when paired with grumbling tummies! Be sure to carry a pack of crackers at least, along with a bottle of water whenever your trip involves a lot of walking and not a lot of stores to buy snacks.

Travelling, just like friendship, can have its ugly sides, but hopefully, everyone learns to set their differences aside and learn from the initial growing pains; so that your friend group can have more ‘travel goals,’ hopefully with every member intact!



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