7 Feminist Tattoos That Totally Get You


minimalist feminist tattoos

Despite discrimination and the taboo that comes with it, tattoos are still sexy – even sexier if they’re feminist tattoos!

The concept of feminism is simple. It is all about equal rights in politics, economics and in all of society for all genders and sexual orientation. Basically, let people be, don’t be a d*ck to those who are different from you and be as tolerant as Mother Teresa. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone gets it. Trump supporters still live in the 50’s, thinking women can’t hold positions of great power because they’re “hormonal,” which is absurd.

Because of this, feminists are coming up with different ways to promote the feminist movement – feminist shirts, feminist porn and feminist tattoos!

Here are 7 minimalist tattoos that are also empowering and inspiring and they completely get what feminism is all about.

1. Naked Female Body Tattoo

minimalist feminist tattoos

Feminism is about acceptance of people’s choices, of people’s perspective in life and of people’s bodies. This nude female body tattoo is a perfect depiction of self-love in ink form.

2. Girl Power

minimalist feminist tattoos

It’s a classic feminist battle cry — “Girl Power” not only calls for women to embrace who they are and push beyond society’s expectation of them, it also makes for a pretty darn cute minimalist tattoo.

3. Pinkie Swear Tattoos

minimalist feminist tattoos

When you’re fighting against a sexist society, you need all the love and support you can get. Getting this pinkie swear tattoo with your feminist BFF is all the friendship goals achieved. Well, this and smashing the patriarchy.

4. Girl Almighty & She’s Not Afraid Tattoos

minimalist feminist tattoos

Sometimes the road to equality can be daunting. To have these inked on your skin is nothing short of encouraging.

5. I’m Not A Place For Cowards Tattoo

minimalist feminist tattoos

When you’re dealing with a strong, independent and powerful woman, you need to have your sh*t together. You want a relationship with her? Don’t play games. You want to be with her? Don’t be a sexist jerk. You want her to stay? Don’t pull gender roles crap on her. This tattoo sends the same exact message.

6. I Refuse To Sink Tattoo

minimalist feminist tattoos

Empowered women know that they are capable of amazing things and they don’t let anyone or anything sink their boat. This inspiring message is a perfect tattoo for those who want to live by this philosophy.

7. My Body, My Rules Tattoo

minimalist feminist tattoos

And lastly, feminists don’t live by anyone’s rules but their own. They spit on slut-shaming, fat-shaming and all the other shaming society does. Ink these words and remind the world who’s boss of your life.

Slay, baes!



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