6 Signs You’re Doing Skin Care Wrong


You think skin care is a game? While you imagine that you got your skincare routine down to a science, there are still areas in which you can improve upon.

BUT IT’S JUST LATHERING ON SOME SOAPY STUFF ON YOUR FACE you scream internally, but here are some of the cleansing mistakes you may be making:

1. The Water’s Too Damn Hot (Or Too Damn Cold)

There is a safe middle ground to this, advises the beauty experts over at Into The Gloss, and it’s steaming.

Get the water not-too-hot, slap on your favorite cleanser, and instead of vigorously washing it off with just your hands, take a soft washcloth and use that to take the cleanser off your face.

It breaks down sebum, allowing your favorite products to go deeper into the skin for A+ results. Finish it off with a splash of cold water to make everything feel taut and sealed shut. (An exaggeration: pores don’t really close up.)

2. Quickie Cleansing

Piling on the products throughout the day? Exposed to pollution on the daily? Then one quick rinse at night before going to bed isn’t really gonna cut it.

You might want to explore the world of double cleansing, and there are products that allow you to melt every stitch of makeup off first before you do the actual washing, so you’re sure to get every bit of pore-clogging residue at the end of the day.

3. Using Too Many Products

While we’ve all been guilty of trying out every single thing that comes in fancy bottle promising brightness! No more scars! Eternal Youth!!!  but really, you just need to stick to the ones that work, and know how to use it well to maximize effectiveness (and the cash you shelled out for it).

4. Exfoliating With Actual Shards of Glass

Again, an exaggeration, but there are products out there that in their bid to keep it *natural*, will actually put large particles of anything from rock salt, nut shells, and other abrasive material; not really considering that it can tear at the skin over time.

The skin on our faces is thinner than the rest of our body, so definitely opt for something with finer particles that aren’t trying to polish you into a high sheen.

5. Using Medicated Cleanser Everywhere

For the acne sufferers, take heed. You have to think of your face as having different ‘areas’ of concern, so using that super strong medicated acne destroyer 3000 face wash for the rest of your face that isn’t riddled with pimples can cause dryness and yes, lead to even more zits.

Try using a gentler cleanser for the relatively ‘ok’ parts of your mug.

6. Using a Pea-Sized Amount

Mostly a cost issue, since you may want to keep that expensive cleanser around for a longer time. But really, the amount you’re using depends on how concentrated the cleanser is, and for stuff that feels a little more watery this can range from a nickel to a quarter-sized amount.

While you’re at it, give your face a gentle massage too, skincare and self-care go hand in hand, afterall.


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