5 Totally Cool Valentine’s Day Gift For Him


Don’t have a Valentine’s Day gift for him yet? Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift to give to your significant other because you’re afraid he might not like it as much as you’d hoped.

Luckily, here are 10 fool-proof, 100% sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for him that are perfect at any stage of your relationship.

1. Chocolate Bacon Is Bae

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If you want to go the extra mile and give something other than chocolate, why not give him chocolate-covered bacon?

That’s right! Chocolate bacon is the next big thing in the breakfast dessert arena (if that’s even a thing). It’s a perfect combination of sweet and salty – just the way he likes his girls, amirite?

See the recipe here.

2. Horrible Cards

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Does he have weekly Poker games with his best buds? Maybe you can help them switch things up by playing Cards Against Humanity instead, just for the hell of it. These deck of cards have the most hilarious, if not shocking content, where someone gets to ask questions (through the black cards) and the others could answer from using the white cards. Trust us, it’s hilarious and horrible… you’d love it!

3. VR Headset

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If your bae is a game buff, he’d love this virtual reality headset for iPhone and Android. Let him wear it and watch him flailing around the room trying to fight off imaginary zombies so you can watch your Netflix in peace.

4. ‘Lucky Guy’ Mug

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Remind him how lucky he is to be dating a beautiful, powerful, strong and independent woman like you! This “Lucky Guy” mug will assure you no long-legged female officemate approaches him as he fetches coffee from the office pantry.

5. Fitness Wristband

For the health-conscious beau in your life, Fitbit Flex 2 is a perfect V-Day gift. Flex 2 tracks his heart rate and physical activities as well as sleep patterns and even your missed calls! Now he has no excuse to ignore your phone calls.


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