5 Tips For Maximizing Your Small bedroom


Just because you have a small bedroom, doesn’t mean it has to only serve either one of the two: form or function. Get your space to work for you and do both!

You can make use of the little space you have in your sanctuary with these top tips from our friends over Real Living.


Problem #1: Lack of storage space

Assess your space and think about what you want to have in it. Your bed is a given, but will your room store more books than clothes? Shoes?

Once you’ve specified the belongings that will go in the room, Real Living suggests determining what type of storage will work best in your limited space. Would you be willing to invest in built-in storage units or will it be freestanding options for you?

But it that’s too far into the future for what you have now, then you can start off with multi-functino storage like baskets, bins, and storage boxes for easy organizing.


Problem #2: Too much or too little lighting

Having ample lighting is vital in a space meant to be your area to recharge from the day’s events. Access to daylight also saves up on electric bills because you aren’t using your lights as much, and having means to shutter up offensive light from outside during the night time lets you rest easier.

Solve it: Real Living suggests that if you prefer having bright rooms, invest in sheer white curtains that let in just enough natural light. But if you’re more the shun-the-sun away type, thick drapes and blackout curtains are must-haves. Throw in a lamp or a floor lamp in there for good measure, and it’s up to you if you want to warm white light or cool white light to set the mood in your room.


Problem #3: Not maximizing the available space


It’s quite common to see small spaces that aren’t maximized. Many homeowners are hesitant to bring in pieces they think might result in a cramped space.

Real Living advises that it’s really about your habits that determine the form and functionality of pieces in your bedroom. Love makeup and getting ready? Then a vanity dresser is essential. Love lazing in and watching TV? Consider putting up a wall mount instead of placing that clunky TV set on a dresser, which can be used for something else.


Problem #4: Not investing in the basics

They’re not called basic needs for nothing! And we’re talking about quality pillows and sheets, because aside from your bed, what else does a bedroom really need?

Having the right pieces ensures you quality rest so you can wake up and power through another day.


Problem #5: Not having the right mattress

Aah, the ultimate consideration.

Sure, you can scrimp on a mattress, reasoning that it’ll eventually be replaced, but for something that you will need nightly for quite a period of time, it’s better to invest in a quality mattress  that can adjust with you in your different periods in life.

Different showrooms allow customers to test the mattress to help them find the perfect one. Don’t regret investing in one as it can last for a long time.


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