5 Times Lady Gaga Was A Perfect Human Being We Don’t Deserve


We don’t deserve Lady Gaga. She’s talented, kind, philanthropic and an overall awesome human being. It’s exactly why she’s got millions of fans all over the world — She’s not just your typical pop superstar who makes money off writing songs that you can dance or bop along to. She actually cares about people, stands for the LGBTQIA community and has spoken out about bullying and the pitfalls of stardom.

Here, we’ve collected some of the most perfect Lady Gaga moments.

1. When She Spoke About Body Positivity

Shortly after her iconic Super Bowl performance, Lady Gaga took to Instagram to speak about self-love and acceptance following criticisms over her “pot belly.”

“Be you, and be relentlessly you. That’s the stuff of champions,” she wrote.

2. When She Hung Out With Another Queen

This one 👸❤🤘killin it tonight like girls do

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If there’s anyone we love as much as Lady Gaga, it’s Adele. So when Mother Monster posted this photo on her Instagram, our hearts literally skipped a beat.

3. When She Served As A Starbucks Barista

All for the sake of charity, this very famous and rich singer served as a Starbucks barista. Wonder if she could concoct a Unicorn Frappuccino?

4. When She Didn’t Shave

Like a summer peach 🍑 jus juicin’ xoxo, Joanne #joanneworldtour #rehearsal

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Body hair is a natural part of our anatomy and even Lady Gaga embraces it. In this photo, she smiles for the camera while showing off her less-than perfect underarm and TBH we loved her even more for it!

5. When She Hiked In Heels


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There’s only one word for it: GOALS.


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