5 Selfie Tips Celebrities And Supermodels Will Never Tell You


Need selfie tips? Let’s analyze how the stars do it!

Celebrities take the best selfies because they’ve had years and years of practice posing in front of cameras. From our observation, there are only 3 important tips you need to remember so you can take the most flattering and attractive selfie.

Here are some selfie tips you need to remember.

1. Find Your Light

Lighting is key to a great photo. And the best kind of lighting is natural lighting. Go to a nearby window or take photos outside. Play with shadows if you want your photo to be dramatic. But also remember that lighting isn’t always your best friend — especially when it’s high noon and the sun is at the highest point in the sky. This is called “harsh lighting” can can actually sharpen facial shapes and make it appear unflattering.

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2. Find Your Angle

Turn from side to side and try to find your best angle. Models often practice in front of the mirror before going on a photoshoot, analyzing which poses and which sides work for them best. In your case, take a few selfies and remember the best shots and how you achieved them.

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3. Hold Your Phone At The Side

Instead of taking a photo dead center, turn your phone to the side for a smoother selfie. This will help make your face look thinner and your neck elongated.

4. Extend Your Neck

Speaking of elongating your neck, the best trick is to extend it, holding your face away from your shoulders. Relax your shoulders, too. This will give you a more defined jawline.

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5. Blow Through Your Lips

Want an Angelina Jolie pout? Relax the muscles in your face, close your mouth and then gently blow air from your lips. This automatically shapes your face into a selfie-worthy pout.

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