5 Reasons Why It’s Your Fault You’re A Single 30-Year-Old


Okay, we’re not saying it’s illegal to be a single 30-year-old but like us, you’re probably wondering why there are millions of amazing, beautiful and intelligent women out there who are still single AF.

Let’s be clear though, we’re talking about people who are actively seeking partners, not those who choose to be single and fabulous. We’re talking about people who have signed up on every dating website imaginable and have swiped right on almost every cute guy on Tinder. And yet, they still can’t get on a second date.

So what’s happening here? Why aren’t these people hooking up?

Here are 5 possible reasons why you’re still a single 30-year-old in a world of date-able singletons.

1. You’re Still Hung Up On Your Ex

This is probably the most obvious reason. Being hung up on your ex doesn’t give other people much room to come into your life. Every date you have is lack luster and you always end up talking about the amazing first date you had with Mr. or Miss WhatsTheirFace. Before you even think of dating again, you have to resolve these issues from your past relationship.

2. Sticking To A Check List

Most people keep a list of qualities in their heads for their next partner. She should be a wide reader, he should be at least 6 feet tall, she has to be a size 2 and below and all those shallow things. It’s okay to have a check list but if you constantly write your dates off just because they don’t fit all 185 qualities in your check list, then the fault is in you, not them.

3. Listening To Your Friends Too Much

Peer pressure is a real thing and whether you’re aware of it or not, it could actually influence your decisions in your relationships. Yes, you need people to slap you awake when you’re being irrational in a relationship but letting them make decisions for every tiny detail in your dating life – including what text to send or which person to ask out – then, you’ve got a problem.

4. Being Too Pessimistic

We get it, you’re afraid to get hurt. But that’s no reason to reject every person that comes into your life just because you believe it’s doomed from the beginning. Allow people to get to know you and you, them. You’d be surprised at where it might take you.

5. Starting The Date Off With Getting Drunk

Yes, it’ fun to drink and it could actually help you loosen up during a first date but sometimes, alcohol leads to situations you don’t want to be in – like throwing up on your date. If you really need to drink, invite your date for a bottle or a shot but not to the point where you’re dragging eachother’s butts home.



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