5 Greatest George Michael Songs That Will Be In Our Hearts Forever


george michael songs

These George Michael songs will be in our hearts forever!

On Sunday, Dec. 25, pop star George Michael died due to heart failure, making 2016 officially the worst year ever in the history of mankind.

The singer/songwriter was one-half of the 80’s duo, Wham! and was among the most talented albeit underappreciated artist in his time, when MTV was just a middle-schooler in the music industry.

Today, as his fans mourn his untimely death (he was only 53!), we remember the 8 greatest George Michael songs that has left a mark in our hearts.

5. “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” (1984)

One of Wham!’s most catchy tunes, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” was a smash hit in the 80’s. Written and produced by George Michael himself, the song was inspired from a note written by Michael’s co-Wham!-member, Andrew Ridgeley to Andrew’s parents. The song also showed a new, lighter side of the duo.

“I just wanted to make a really energetic pop record that had all the best elements of Fifties and Sixties records, combined with our attitude and our approach, which is obviously more uptempo and a lot younger than some of those records,” Michael said of the song in a 1984 interview.

4. “Careless Whisper” (1984)

1984 was a golden year for George Michael. Aside from his two hit songs with Wham! He also released “Careless Whisper” as his first solo hit, which is basically heralded him as a serious artist.

The song has stood in our memory throughout time through its soulful and sexy sounds, it’s quite difficult to believe that Michael wrote it when he was only 17 years old.

“The whole idea of Careless Whisper was the first girl finding out about the second – which she never did,” Michael said.

3. “I Want Your Sex” (1987)

Probably George Michael’s most controversial first single as a solo artist, “I Want Your Sex” was banned from some British radio channels, including BBC. However, Michael defended his work, saying that instead of taking the song negatively, listeners must look at it as promoting monogamy at a time when HIV/AIDS was prevalent.

“My whole point was that there should be an attack on promiscuity but you could do it without making kids frightened of sex,” he said. “I was trying to counter the idea that for something to be erotic it has to be forbidden and sleazy.”

2. “Last Christmas” (1984)

This song is almost too familiar not to be in the list – a Christmas staple in every radio channel, “Last Christmas” tells of lost love at a time when everyone is supposed to be merry and festive. It also gives failed lovers hope of finding new love and giving your heart to “someone special.”

1. “Freedom! 90” (1990)

Breaking away from his 80’s heartthrob image, George Michael releases “Freedom! 90” which is a song providing inspiration and strength for people who are down, repressed and depressed.

Throughout the song, Michael sings of having to invent and reinvent himself and finally declaring that he’s had enough of it. He also tells fans to “Have some faith in the sound/ It’s the one good thing that I’ve got.”


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